Diva’s TechSpot

“Seniors”, “Older”, “Seasoned”, whatever we answer to, we are not “Technophobes”. Although we are not “Digital Immigrants” (those born with a mouse in hand), we are moving toward more digitally connected lives. Senior citizens are one of the fastest growing demographics to embrace technology. Technology can keep us connected, engaged, aware, and physically safe. This blog is intended to help keep “Delta Dears” in the technological loop. Cell phones are becoming more senior-friendly, with models that have larger buttons and readouts. Voice recognition also makes usage easier. As, a Chapter, we realize that we have Sorors who are “Tech-Shy” in the use of their Smartphones and available apps. In our premiere issue of Diva’s TechSpot we have focused on topics that will help you navigate the cyber world safely.

Mobile Devices Security

We have a shocking amount of personal data on our mobile devices.  The problem is we do not give much thought about the data until something happens.  There are several ways to protect the data on your device.

One means of protecting data on your device is to avoid installing Apps from unknown sources.  By using the APP Store or the Play Store, the risk is lower of downloading harmful apps.  Both stores have very strict procedures on what can be developed and what can’t.  For Androids, Google has added a mechanism called Google Play Protect. It works in the background scanning apps. While scanning the apps, if the program finds an app that is performing abnormally, it will send notification to you alerting you that the app is harmful to your system. All you have to do is tap on the Uninstall button in the notification message and the app will be erased from your device.  So if you are an Android user, make sure you turn this function on (Settings/Google/Security/Google Play Protection). The App Store guidelines are so strict that any app that would attempt to interact with system files is flat-out rejected.

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Audio Books / eBooks / eAudiobook

Some people use reading as their special pastime. Nothing compares to turning pages of a hardback book or making dog-eared pages of a paperback book.  Yet more and more people are turning from traditional books to eBooks, Audiobooks, or eAudiobooks.

Audiobooks are voice recordings of the text of books that you listen to rather than read. Using them is a good way to relax the eyes. Just sit or lie back and listen. With an audiobook someone else does the reading, while you do the listen with interest. You can listen to audiobooks on multimedia players, smartphones, computers, tablets, home speaker systems, or in cars that support streaming audio.

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Staying Connected

People of all ages are using the internet, cell phones and other technologies to communicate with family and friends in different and exciting ways. In a matter of seconds you can send a message to someone, receive a photo from anyone or email an invitation to anyone you want. While younger people are usually the “experts” on these resources, many older adults also use the internet, social media and cell phones to communicate and receive information.

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