Laverne Bady
2nd Vice President

Membership Services



Cheer Courtesy
Lynette McKinney, Chair
Phyllis Robinson, Co-chair

Delta Dears
Brenda Gilmore, Chair
Celestine Knox, Co-chair
Brenda Patrick, Co-Chair
Delta Choir/Voices of Fortitude
Lydia Jones, Chair

Founders Day
Shelia R. Jones, Chair
Cheryl Armstead-Batey, Co-Chair
Carol Primm, Co-Chair

Dana Isom, Chair
June Luncheon

Rose Carnes-Bruce, Chair
Sheronda Martin, Co-Chair
Reclamation and Retention
Kerri Holloway, Chair
Yvette Hamilton-Hawkins, Co-Chair
Barbara Thompson, Co-Chair
Lashanda Barnes, Chair
Shawn Wade, Co-Chair
Joyce Jefferson, Chair
Cheryl People, Co-Chair
Sisters In Support
Gerthia Carter, Co-Chair
Susan LaGrone, Co-Chair
Telephone/Calling All Sorors
Leona Lucas, Chair
Teresa Bluiett, Co-Chair
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